If you are like most people, your familiarity with how law works is limited. It is limited to what you have seen in movies and on television. It may even be limited to what you’ve read in books. Books, movies, and televisions shows have a way of glorifying the process of criminal law. While most of the crime shows you watch on television are based on the way a criminal case is handled, they are very different from what happens in real life at the same time.

The process of criminal law includes the entire process from start to finish. This includes getting arrested, all court trials, convictions, and sentencing. The police officers, defense attorney, prosecutor, bondsmen, judges, witnesses, jury, and probation officers all have a role to play in the process. During the entire criminal process, you do have fundamental rights as a citizen that must be respected. These rights include the right to a fair and speedy trial as well as the right to legal representation.

The way a criminal case is going to end depends on what exactly the criminal was charged with. A case could end with you getting released, you getting tried and found not guilty, or you getting tried and found guilty (it all depends on your criminal defense attorney)Unsurprisingly, your punishments will vary pretty greatly depending on the crime you committed as well. You would not expect someone who was found in possession of drugs to be punished to the same degree as a person who killed five children.

There are a lot of factors about you personally that go into determining what kind of punishment you receive as well. Have you committed this crime before? Have you committed other crimes before? Did you hurt anyone when you committed this crime? Were you putting other people at risk of being hurt? For a lot of obvious reasons a first time offender who was not hurting anyone or putting anyone at risk is not going to be punished as severely as someone who has committed the same crime several times. Even with as good of a local defense lawyer you can afford, you are likely to be punished to some degree for any crimes you have committed.

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